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Forestry Cutting Grapples

Forestry Grapple

The Reids Mechweld Cutting Grapple is a machine mounted hydraulic controlled mobile tree grab and cutting blade.

The blade design allows for ground level clean coppicing and has been developed to harvest mature trees without damaging the lignotuber. Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which exploits the capacity of the eucalyptus tree’s ability to put out new shoots from the cut stump and generate a biennial harvest.

The hydraulic system is powered by the machines auxiliary hydraulic energy storage system, which has a significantly smaller diesel engine and newly designed machine architecture.Overall, this is more fuel efficient reduces maintenance and significantly reduces emissions. The hydraulic ram is compliant to Australian standards AS1940 and AS1692.

Sourced from Bisalloy Steel the cutting blade component is GRD80 AS-1548. Bisalloy Steels is Australia’s only manufacturer of high-strength, abrasion-resistant, quenched, and tempered steel plate. Bisalloy 80 has a typical strength of 830MPa providing a 100% sharper cutting blade.

Built to last the Reids Mechweld cutting grapple main frame is designed and manufactured from high quality steel grade plate, AS/NZS-1594-HA25 and steel grade structural AS/NZS3679.1-300, AS1163-C450L0. Mount-on framework base is constructed out of 450grade 25/32mm pro-formed bar and plate,
with 25, 32mm & 50mm plate mounts and 80mm pins mounted to sectional reinforcing heavy plate back and sides. The main grab arms with cutting edges are a high tensile steel edge Bisalloy plate with replaceable teeth edge mounted to weldable adaptors.

Suit Machines from 4 tonne to 14 tonne

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