Parts Catalogue

Reids Mechweld can supply and install a range of spare parts, accessories upgrades and more.

Euro Hich Mounting Plate

Set $120.00

Tow Ball & Pin Combination

1500kgs $110.00
3500kgs $125.00

Tow Ball, Pin & Mount Plates

1500kgs $250.00
3500kgs $330.00

Euro Hitch -Weld-on brackets

Pair $100.00

Manitou Mounting Bracket


Swivel Wheel Small

$55.00 each

3PTL Ripper and Pipe Layer

Cat-1 $
Cat-2 $
Cat-3 $

6000kg Tow Ball

$135.00 each

6000kg Rated Tow Couplings

$1500.00 each

6000kg Auto-Loc Coupling and Ball

6000kg Tow Ball & Tongue Combination

$325.00 each

Assorted Laser and Plasmer Cutting

Rated Trailer Chain

Assorted 3PTL componetry

Assorted Tractor Implement Pins


Hydraulic Trailer Brake Acuators

$345.00 each

Skid Steer Mounting Plates

$160.00 per set

3PTL Tow Systems

Cat-1 $185.00
Cat-2 $285.00
Cat-3 $385.00

3500kg Reece Hitch Coupler

$75.00 each

Assorted Hay Spikes

1200mm Conus-2 $140.00 plus each
600mm from $80.00 each

Adjustable Pallet Forks with Euro Hitch attachment

rated @ 1500kgs $1850.00

“A” Frame Quick-Hitch Attachment suit Cat 1 & Cat 2 3PTL systems


Hay Forks – Cat 1 & Cat 2 3PTL systems


Hay Forks – Bale Frame and Spikes x 2 Euro Hitch systems


“A” Frame Bale Carrier – Cat 1 & Cat 2 3PTL systems


Pallet Forks – Euro Hitch systems

$1850.00 – Rated @ 1500kg

Loader Hay Tines (1100mm)

$140.00 each Conus2 $23.00 each

LED Beacon Multi Flash

12volt – 24volt combo
$180.00 each

LED Rear Combination Directional Set

12volt – 24volt combo
$48.00 each

LED Side Marker Yellow/Red

12volt – 24volt combo
$15.00 each

Metal Oversize Signage

$89.00 each

LED Front Markers: White

$42.00 each

LED Truck Rear Combination Directional Set

12volt – 24volt combo
$420.00 each

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